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  The Cen-Tex Modelers have developed a flight training program to help the beginners the art of flying radio control model aircrafts by experienced volunteer instructors. If you are a beginner, beware of wasting your money and time on first models such as : P-51, or any other low wing high performance model.

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Beginning pilots or full size aircrafts do not start on fighters, or fast complicated twins, including jets. Instead they learn on Cessna’s, Piper or other high wing, low performance aircrafts. As a beginner in Radio Control, the fastest and easiest way to learn is with a high wing trainer. You also may be trained by the Instructor with a Body box.


Our Instructor Pilots are:

Jim Hillin - (Planes)

Daniel Santos (Helicopter /Planes) -

 If you are a beginner, you are required by our field rules and safety reason to take part in our flight training program. At the time you join, you  will be given a copy of our Student Training Manual. This manual lists all requirements needed for you to become a full pledged RC Pilot.