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Photo Gallery

The Cen-Tex Modelers have been involved in many activities over their existence in 1972. Many of those were conducted right here on Hall Field. One of the most active was the annual Big Bird Fly-In, held since 1987 in the spring time around April. Others were Fun Fly’s, Electric Fly-In’s and lately the Annual Memorial Fly-In held in September.

The club was also active throughout the community over many years. Some activities were: The Killeen Mall Show, Demonstrating Aero Dynamics and given Hands On building of small flying models at Boy’s Club and other Youth Groups at summer camps. Also given demonstrations at Air Shows and many more. (For more activities involved, go to Clubs History )

Most of those photos of those events were taken by the Club’s Historian, the Club’s Webmaster and other club member and then combined for your viewing.