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About Us

– Flying Field –

 The present club flying field was acquired in 1981. Col. Bob Hall and Charles Culver (present club’s Secretary) were the representative from the club who did all the work and negotiations with the Corps of Engineer. Through their efforts, the club was able to obtain the property. Charles Culver signed then the contract for a 2-year period and for 5 years thereafter, until the present time.

Col. Hall died in January 1986, and the clubs flying field was named in his Honor. Today it is known as the “Hall Field”.

 “Hall Field”, adjacent to Stillhouse Hallow Lake, is maintained by the members of the Cen-Tex Modelers. Over the years, it has improved to become one of the finest and best flying fields in Texas. The grass runways have received compliments from many flyers from across the state, as well from our neighboring states.


The pavilion was built in 1993 by the club members using its own funds and donation . NO tax dollar were used.

 It provides beautiful sunshade for the pilots, guest and is a great place for a family picnic on weekends. John H. Brian, one of the oldest club member died in 1996. The pavilion was named in his honor and is today know as the “John H. Brian Pavilion”