@ Cen-Tex Modelers, Inc. 2015



– Club Field Rules –



 1.  Violation(s) of AMA or CTM safety rules, as posted, are subject to review by the CTM      board, which can result in the banning of flying of the individual at the CTM field?

 2.  AMA membership is required as proof of insurance and FAA registration form.

3.  The No Fly Zone (especially over the housing area to the SW corner) is strictly off limits

 4.  Prior to flight, all aircraft shall be inspected, with emphasis on the following:

      a. Range Check in compliance with the manufactures recommendations

      b. All Control Surface Linkage.

      c. Proper Control Surface Responses.

      d. Structural Integrity.         

5.  Pit area rules are while engine is running:

       a. Must be at least 25 feet from the spectator fence.

       b. Must face toward the runway.

       c. Must be on line with the other models.

       d. Holding device is required when glow or electric engine is running while in the pit           area.

       e. All aircraft must be physically constrained while taxing from the pit area to the            runway.

       f. Taxing in the pit area is prohibited.

 6.  The Safety Line is the Front Edge of the Pilot Safety Fence. All flying shall take place       beyond this point. No flying over the pit area.  

7.  With the exception of events flown official AMA Competition Regulations, excluding       takeoff and landing, no powered model may be flown outdoor closer than 25 feet to any       individual, except for the pilot and the pilot's helper(s) located at the flight line.

 8.  After landing, models may taxi up to the front edge of the pilot’s safety fence and then       the engine must then be shut off before proceeding to the pit area.

 9.  The main and cross-runways may be used simultaneously.

10.  All landings and take-offs must be announced when more than one aircraft is flying.

11.  All pilots will stand in their pilot designated area, fixed wing pilots at the flight stations,        Helo pilots by the Helo area and FPV pilots in the designated area. All Pilots will have a        spotter.

12.  There are three designated areas, one for fixed wing, one for helos and one for FPV.        Helos and FPV may use the main active runway as long as they follow the pattern.  Any        special flying maneuvers, such as 3D by fixed wing, or special Helo flight maneuvers and        those of FPV will be restricted to the three designated flying areas unless they are the        only one flying.

13. All internal combustion engines must be equipped with a muffler.

14. Use of the frequency control pins will be enforced at all times for any radio still on 72       MHz. band.

15. Flight safety will be observed at all times.

16. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will NOT be allowed fly and will not       be allowed within in the pit area.

17. Flight pattern must be followed and will be strictly enforced.

18. Beginners may not fly without an instructor till they solo.

19. Non flying members will act as a spotter when one or more fixed wing, or Helo or FPV, are      flying, to ensure the safety of others and prevent inadvertent straying into the No Fly      Zone.


CTM Form 7 dated 7 September 2016. All previous editions are obsolete.